Respiratory protection:

Marijuana growers must have proper ventilation and gas detection in place to avoid exposure to hazardous gases like CO, CO2 and NOx.

Respiratory protection may be necessary during normal growing operations. Depending on the type of operation, there could be a risk for mold, dust, pesticides, fungicides and other cleaning agents.

Air monitoring will identify what dangers exist and which type of respiratory will be necessary. Options include:

N95 respirators

Half-mask or full facepiece respirators with an organic vapour cartridge and P100 filter or multi-contaminate with P100 filter.

Powered air-purifying respirator or PAPR

Self-contained breathing apparatus for upset conditions or chemical leaks

Your written respiratory protection program should cover which respirators are required and when. 

Respirator fit testing:

If you are introducing respirators into your workplace, every member who wears one will need to get a fit test. We offer this service to our customers. It takes under ten minutes per person and ensures the respirator is the right fit for the individual. Group sessions available. Train the trainer programs also available. 

Respiratory and Marijuana PPE Solutions


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